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Senior Reflection: Softball's Victoria Casey

Senior Reflection: Softball's Victoria Casey

Playing for the Babson softball program is an experience I will forever be grateful for. It gave me an amazing community of people that support and encourage each other, along with memories and lessons that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. It is hard to put into words everything these past four years have done for me, but my goal is to convey the gratitude and love I have for my time at Babson.

I've experienced some of the greatest moments throughout these extraordinary four years. Screaming to the point of no voice after a teammate hits a grand slam in the NEWMAC final, or making thrilling comebacks to keep us alive in the NCAA Tournament. Spring break trips to Florida and Arizona filled with bonding, softball, and good food. The bus rides to and from games and the dance parties in the locker room to Icona Pop's I Love It, Mambo No. 5, and most recently Lake Street Drive after big wins. The path to get to each of these moments was filled with hard work, long practices, extra reps, and the acknowledgement that we did it together, making these moments even more special to celebrate.

The incredible teammates, past and present, I have been fortunate enough to play with are some of my best friends. We have withstood heartbreaking losses on the field and helped each other through trying times off the field. We have pushed each other to become better athletes, teammates, and people through our work ethic, commitment, and perseverance. The endless laughs, inside jokes, and memories made are some of the things I will always cherish. I am leaving Babson with a community of strong, inspiring, and supportive women by my side, and for that I will be forever grateful.

I would be mistaken to say I am the same person that walked in as a freshman four years ago. I've learned how to be a better teammate, that what I do on the field does not define me, and every setback is a chance to grow. This sport has taught me to value dedication to hard work and constant growth not only for myself, but for the betterment of my teammates and coaches as well. These lessons have transcended beyond the field into how I approach almost every aspect of my life. Softball has shaped me into the person I am today, and the coaches and teammates that have been by my side throughout this time have fostered that.  

At Babson, I have been able to achieve the once far-off goals I had set for myself in college. I have been able to play the sport I love at a competitive level. I have received a strong, well-rounded education that has opened my eyes to new passions. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia, for six months, learning about new cultures and cultivating a love for exploring the world. Babson is a place that does not limit you, but instead encourages and supports you in all endeavors.

Babson will forever be a choice I am grateful I made. Being a part of the Babson softball program means being a part of something special. When the wins and losses fade, the relationships, memories, laughs, and lessons will always withstand. This school became my second home and this team became my family.

Thank you to Babson Athletics, my coaches, my teammates, and my family for these unforgettable past four years. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.