Alumni Spotlight: Women's Volleyball's Kathleen Lynch

Alumni Spotlight: Women's Volleyball's Kathleen Lynch

Kathleen Lynch

Class Year

Finance & Economics

Sport(s) played at Babson
Women's volleyball

Quincy, MAl

Current Town/ City
Boston, MA

Occupation/ Job Title
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Senior Finance Manager

Why did you decide to attend Babson?
I knew I wanted to stay in the Boston area for college and Babson offered me the best of both worlds. I could continue to play volleyball while also receiving a great education.

Tell us about your job. What do you like most about your current role?
I lead the financial forecasting and analysis team for a cell and gene therapy business within Thermo Fisher. Cell and gene therapies have the potential to cure diseases and cancers. It is a very new market with developments happening frequently so no two days are similar which allows me to continue learning. Being part of a business that helps contributes to curing diseases is very fulfilling.

How did your experience at Babson help prepare you for what you are doing today?
The rigor of being a student-athlete at Babson I feel helped me get to where I am today. The frequency of team-based work in classes and on the court made transitioning to being part of a team in the professional world very easy. The ability to adapt/change quickly, learned from in-game experience, was a skillset I was happy to have had already going into the working world.

What advice/insight do you have for Babson alumni and current student-athletes interested in your career field?
I would say to do your homework/research on the career field that interests you and then thru your network or other resources reach out to alumni who are in that area. Since I have graduated I have spoken to several students. I have found most people are happy to talk and share their experiences.

Looking back on your time as a Babson student-athlete, what is one of your favorite memories?
Preseasons were always one of my favorite memories. Getting to meet new teammates while having the campus mostly to yourself really allowed the bonds to develop which would help in the upcoming season.

Have you attended Back-to-Babson? If so, tell us about your experience returning to campus.
I have attended multiple Back-to-Babson events. Each one has been great, I am able to spend time with people who I do not see often while taking in a volleyball game or two. It is great to see how far the team has come since my playing days.